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Undeniablewigs Mousse Tint Set

Undeniablewigs Mousse Tint Set

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Undeniablewigs Mousse Tint Set is the wig guru specialist's secret weapon to match any customer's skin tone.  Our professional formula is vegan and safe for all skin types. You can professionally tint any lace for any skin type. 

The light tint is ideal for light to medium brown skin tones with warm undertones.

The Medium tint is a rich medium brown shade with warm red and orange undertones.

The Dark Tint is a deep brown shade with cool undertones

Undeniablewigs Mousse Tint helps to tune down over bleached knots. it will not lighten the lace or knots.  


Product Care Instructions

  • Tinting is the last thing you will do before styling. 
  • Use  After You Have Already Bleached The Knots, Lay Down Your Lace/wig
  • After the lace piece/units have been bleached, and position on the head for styling. Apply tinting mousse. Let it air dry for a few minutes or you may blow-dry for a few seconds. Once it has dried, you may style as desired.

      • Bleach Knots
      • Apply Tint (wet or dry lace)
      • Air Dry/ Blow Dry Lace Piece
    For darker shades of a specific tint. You may apply various coats until you've reached the desired tone.


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